Fast Hot Selling Handheld Inkjet Printer Handheld Inkjet Printer Date Coder Portable Small Inkjet Printer

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Fast Hot Selling Handheld Inkjet Printer Handheld Inkjet Printer Date Coder Portable Small Inkjet Printer
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Technische Daten
Type: Heat Transfer
Applicable Industries: Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Printing Shops, Construction works , Energy & Mining, Advertising Company
Showroom Location: None
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Machinery Test Report: Provided
Marketing Type: Ordinary Product
Warranty of core components: 1 Year
Core Components: PLC, Motor
Plate Type: Screen Printer, Thermal foaming spray nozzle
Usage: Paper Printer, Label Printer, Card Printer, Cloths Printer
Automatic Grade: Automatic
Color & Page: Multicolor
Dimensions(L*W*H): 26*13*15cm
Weight: 1.5 KG
Warranty: 1 Year
Key Selling Points: High Productivity
Application: Heat Transfer Pictures
Function: Multifunctional
Feature: Fast
After Warranty Service: Video technical support, Online support
Local Service Location: None
After-sales Service Provided: Online support, Video technical support
Zahlung und Versand AGB
Packaging Details: Standard export
Product Description
Charging hole:It can be used for temporary charging when there is no electricity
Synchronous wheel:Drive the encoder to roll for printing
Inductor interface:Collocation sensor can be used for assembly line printing, induction coding
Switch button:Push is open, bounce is closed
Print button:Press once to print once, without long press
Removable battery:The battery is removed to charge, there is a charging hole on the battery

Matters needin attention
1. Fire hazard:Ink and cleaning fluid are volatile and flammable, and must be stored and handled in accordance with local fire regulations
2. Eye protection:When performing any operation related to ink and cleaning agent, eye protection device must be worn
3. Hand protection:When performing any operation related to ink and cleaning agent, hand protection devices must be worn
4. Suggestions for storage of ink and cleaning agent:store ink cartridges and cleaning agent in a well-ventilated storage room, avoid direct sunlight, keep away from fire source, and place them at an ambient temperature of 0-28℃
5. Do not:* Do not smoke or use open flame near inkjet printer, ink cartridge, cleaning agent
* Do not smoke or use open flame near inkjet printer, ink cartridge, cleaning agent
* Please do not let ink and cleaning liquid contaminate eyes and skin
* Do not allow ink to enter the local drainage system
6. Common sense of cartridge maintenance: after using the machine, if the cartridge is not used for a long time (more than 20 minutes), you must remove the cartridge and card the cartridge on QQ. It's best to keep in an airtight bag
Printing height
Screen size
4.3 inches touch screen
Printing speed
50 m/min
Printing accuracy
Printing distance
Printing content
Chinese and English Date QR code Bar code LOGO serial number
Printing material
metal, plastic, pipe, foam, carton, wood, stone
Product Details
1. Time display: real-time update of the clock
2. Language switch: switch the operation interface of various national languages
3. System Settings: After entering, you can set the parameters of the machine.
4. File management: Edited files are stored here and can be called whenever necessary
5. Edit data: edit, modify, delete, save and other functions of the printed content
6. Start printing: One-click to the printing interface and start printing.
1.Back: Click here to return to the main screen
2.Slide left and right buttons:Click here to see the edits hidden behind
3.Edit the display area:The edited content is now in this area
4. Battery power:Display current battery
5.Text:Insert words, letters, numbers, etc
6.Date of:Inserts a live updated date with multiple styles available
7.Information:The saved content can be found here
8.Save:Edited content, click here to save the edited content
9.New:Click here to create a new print
10.Renamed:Click here to change the edited file name
11.Modify:Select the content to be modified and click here to modify it
12.Delete:Click here to delete the selected content
13.function:Click here to expand more functions such as: common ICONS, pictures, bar code, two-dimensional code, counting, tables, TXT files, EXCEL files
14.Print:Click here to print after editing the content
1.Commonly used ICONS:Some common ICONS are built into the machine
2Picture:Click here to see the icon imported from U disk. The icon supports BMP monochrome bitmap (you can make it with the drawing tool of the computer).
3.Graphics code:Insert barcode or two-dimensional code
4.Count:Inserts an increasing or decreasing stream number
5.Form:You can design the form according to the printing requirement
6.TXT:Printing content more when you can use the computer to establish TXT file, through the U disk into the machine, printing. Convenient and quick
7.EXCEL:You can import Excel files through U disk and print data
1. Font Settings:Click in to set font, size, spacing and so on
2. OK button:Save the information and return to the main screen
3. Back button:Discard the current edit and send back to the home screen
4. Delete button:It can also be understood as backspace
5. Page-turn button for candidate words
6. Symbols:Special symbol is inserted here
7. YY:Click here to add a variable date
8. 123:Click here to add count/stream number
1. Font:You can choose from more than a dozen system-built fonts
2. Word is high:Set the height of the font, which is the print size range 16-200(reference value)
3. Word wide:Sets the width of the font. When the font width is 0, it means that the width and height are equal
4. Word spacing:Sets the spacing between characters。
5. Styles:You can select bitmap, solid, deletebody, (when you select a font that is already bitmap, the style does not need to be set to bitmap again)
6. Rotation Angle:Rotate the font
7. Italic:Adjust the cutting Angle of the font
1. Into the system:Select digital display base system. Support decimal, hexadecimal system。
2. Digits:Select the number of digits 1-9 to count.
3. Supplement high level:When the high count is 0, you can choose whether to add 0 or not
4. Change:Increase or decrease by itself。
5. Maximum:When the count increases to the maximum value, it will automatically jump
back to the minimum value and start counting again。
6. Step by step
7. Minimum value:When the count is reduced to the minimum value, it will automatically jump back to the maximum value and start counting again
8. Repeat the number:Reprint a serial number
1. Time setting:System time is set from here
2. Sprinkler head setting : Switch left and right nozzles, voltage selection (oil ink recommended 9.0V voltage, water 11V)
3. Touch screen calibration:When the touch screen is not sensitive, you can click here to calibrate the touch screen (when the screen is on at the boot, press the screen for a long time and then release it after the black screen, + will appear. Click each + to calibrate)
4. Language choice:Support multi-language, click here to replace
5. Restore factory Settings:Delete all user data and restore the Settings of the new machine
6. Record export:Export the printed data
7. Record import:Import the printed data
8. Flash time:The flash time is usually set to 00
9. Fault diagnosis:Check machine failure and update
1. X symbol: Return to the main interface
2. Display area: the content to be printed will be displayed here
3. Start printing: Click here to start printing
4. Print Settings: Click in to set some general Settings
5. Status display: print number and print status display area
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Xiamen CRTOP Machine Co., Ltd. is specialized in the research, production, sales and services of high precision automatic roll to roll screen printing machine, roll to roll heat press machine, intermittent letterpress printing machine, tunnel dryer, automatic feeding machine, automatic receiving machine, automatic cutting machine, die cutting machine, automatic web-guide rewinding machine and printing-related supporting equipment. We can develop machine according to customer needs and provide one-stop service for ink, glue, printing materials, printing technology, etc.CRTOP screen printing machine is widely used for high precision and automatic printing of heat transfer labels, nameplate, membrane switch, FPC, RFID, IMD. The machine features an automatic register system to ensure high printing accuracy. It can realize automatic feeding, automatic printing, automatic drying and automatic rewinding. One operator can complete the entire production process. Our machine can meet customers' needs to improve efficiency, reduce manpower, improve yield, reduce cost, and help customers realize the transformation from manual or semi-automatic production to automatic production.Lingtie continuously innovating technology and improve machine performance. Our high-precision, high-end, and durable printing equipment has earned us good reputation in the industry and sold to more than 30 countries worldwide. With the continuous increase in labor management cost and land cost, automatic equipment is sure to replace semi automatic or manual production in the future. This is the trend of social development. In the face of opportunities and challenges, Lingtie will keep to its original goals and continue to go ahead.
1, Are you trading company or manufacturer? We are manufacturer, and also provide the business solution to all the friends. 2, Do you have quality certificate? Yes we have CE, SGS etc. 3,What's the delivery time? Around 20~30days, however, based on order. 4, Can you help us to buy other goods? Sure of that, it is our honor to work for you, and control the goods quality. Q1:what's payment terms ,trade terms you accept ? Usually we appreciate T/T 30% deposit , then 70% balance is paid before shipment .but we also accept other way like L/C , we tern union ,and do CFR&CIF etc. Q2.Does it easy to operate and what can i do if it doesn't work? First ,our machine is stable and easy to operate by one man ,what you do is just learn some basic thing like loading the jumbo roll paper,start the machine and cutting the paper.And we will sent you manual and video ,we suggest you to come to visit our factory to learn more thing by yourself , and if there is something goes wrong , you can call us ,video-chat ,email us .And we will give solutions within 36 hrs .Our engineer also can be distributed to overseas as you required. Q3. if the machine's spare parts broken ,where can i get ? We will give you the spare parts which is vulnerable , and some critical parts like gear box , our quality is good .
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